by Kyle Preston

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released November 8, 2011

Album Artwork by Pasukaru76
All music written and performed by Kyle Preston




Kyle Preston Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: The Lunatic Machine
Love, your intentions are violent
In spite of joy and truth you choose descent
To make sense of all the lies you spread
Cause Zarathustra said that God is dead
And you believed him
Without a shred
Of some humility to cope instead

Though I would bleed for you in silence
It seems that you must regress
To save your mind from feeding the abyss

But someone should have loved you
Someone should have seen the pain inside
Cause all that damage has destroyed your mind

And now they will burn you
And I cannot stop them
But you and I
Know that this world is an illusion

Before they take you
I'll tell you my truth
I know deep down
I'm just bones
I am just cells
But I also know
This world is not my home

We let you down
We let you drown
But someone should have loved you
This world is not my home
Track Name: That Voice
It's the voice
That we crave
With obsession

But you're verdant
And so alive
We need to be near you

There is time
In your eyes
You show patience

But this thick skin
You just can't get through
And we bleed just to feel you

For this is all we know
because we believe
that love is the answer

But we must escape
To feel passion
Cause these walls
We could never climb
And we'd rot here forever

So love
You've chosen perfection
But the violence
Will never subside
We choose to do nothing
And that voice will say
I told you I loved you
But your body
Will fight and suppress
The love you were born with
Track Name: Hyper-Hypocrisy
The thoughts that you should have said
They rattle inside your head
Deducing the chemistry
To free you from apathy

But your head's in the sand again
The fear will always win
Guiding you towards despair
Till you are beyond repair

I wish you'd go from me
With no process of symmetry
Destruction is all I see

We're letting you down easy
Constructing a lie to free
The mind from consistency
To alter the circuitry

We feel no sympathy
To your altered reality
Its your apostasy
Your hyper-hypocrisy

You have no morality
Just a theory for ecstasy
Created from bigotry
To maintain complacency

Inside us all there's a tortured face
Designed to destroy and erase
Because this world is a burning sea
Destroying the love we need

So I say rebel
What we need is some insurrection
Our blood won't wash away
It's the hate that you harvest
That makes us this way
You'd notice the difference
If you just think it through
The thoughts that you should have said
They rattle inside your head
Deducing the chemistry
To free you from apathy

We are frozen star sheep
That's all
Track Name: Letters
Is it all in our minds?
Cause I'm sensing the ocean
The waves crash right through me
But this time there's no answer
Your blood
Will not wash away
You'll always be with me
Could I see your face?
I need the tangible
Cause hope's not enough
You could not understand
The relentless forces
That pound me towards truth
It is all that matters
But it's not all that is
We're without hope

Blood on your hands
It makes no difference
You will not escape
You will die by their hand
Burnt into nothing
Eternity doesn't add anything
So where does the meaning come from?