by Kyle Preston

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This EP was recorded in between class sessions during Kyle Preston's final year at university. It is not entirely necessary to listen from beginning to end but it is certainly encouraged.
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released July 15, 2013

Kyle Preston




Kyle Preston Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: TGG
The idle rich
The dreams about nothing
When classes mean everything
But get on with the party

Time moves forward
But of course it moves backward
After all it was built by us
Built by the rich boys

I need to believe again
Cause I only seek you
The green light will breath and then
We will get through

The penniless
The ones with the fantasies
To them you are everything

A beautiful little fool you are
The golden wealth fills your eyes
If you could believe again old sport
We’ll bring back the past
Track Name: Go Up To That Man And Tell Him The Truth
I wish you joy
Wish you love
You illuminate
From your mouth
You glow

A friend who will sing
But you can’t hear a thing
It channels the loss inside you now
But you’re so young

I'll miss you when
You've set sail and
Your mind is
At apogee
Inside your mind
A point in time
It's always changing
But you glow
Track Name: A Moment Of Weakness (Love Me)
A serenade
A touch of grace
You hide your face
In that other place

Show yourself
Show yourself
Love me
Love me

A masquerade
A heavy weight
You smell your fate
On a spinning plate

Show yourself
Show yourself
Love me
Love me